9 Most Powerful Transformers From Michael Bay’s Transformers Movie Franchise

9 Most Powerful Transformers From Michael Bay's Transformers Movie Franchise

Welcome to Awesome Definition and today we shall list down the Top 9 most powerful Transformers from the Michael Bay live action movies — The Transformers. This movie franchise is very much different from the ones in the cartoons, comics and other media in terms of origin stories, powers and size. There are also many Transformers like Metroplex Primus and Dragotron which are extremely powerful but were not seen in the movies yet, so in this list we will only include the ones from the Michael Bay flicks and list them according to their powers and determine by our own estimates which ones are the most powerful.

Number 9 — Grimlock and the Dinobots

Grimlock is an ancient and powerful warrior who takes the form of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from earth. He is the leader of the mighty Dinobots. Of course, these Dinobots are very powerful in their own and they deserve separate spots on this ranking but that won’t allow for other awesome characters to be included. Although he could easily destroy the newly created Decepticons and even chase of Megatron and the others in The Last Knight movie, he was still defeated by Optimus Prime in a short duel in Age of Extinction.

Number 8 — Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime was a double agent and a traitorous Autobot commander and was Optimus Prime’s mentor. He was a strong and determined leader who held a firm belief in his race position in the universe and expected respect from everyone around him which he won by showing himself as a ferocious and formidable warrior. He was indeed one of the only fighters to be able to defeat Optimus Prime in a one-on-one fight but to be fair Optimus was not really willing to kill his own mentor until later in the fight when he was forced to do so due to the unwillingness of sentinel to change.

Number 7 — The Driller and Shockwave

A 1000 feet long brutal subterranean robot animal of Cybertron does come out on top of robots that are 20 to 40 feet tall on average, like shock wave himself. The driller was Shock Wave’s pet and was a very dangerous opponent having a long worm-like body and several appendages that worked semi-independently. They are the largest creatures that live under Cybertron’s surface. It was seen destroying skyscrapers with ease and when both these two worked together even Optimus Prime feared confronting them both at the same time.

Number 6 — Lockdown

Lockdown was the main Antagonist of the movie Age of Extinction and was a bounty hunter that was employed by the Transformer goddess called Quintessa. Lockdown was a Cybertronion bounty hunter aligned with neither Autobots nor Decepticons. He was hired to capture Prime and hunt down the remaining Transformers on earth using his very high intellect and extremely potent battle tactics. He was able to capture Optimus Prime and even the Dinobots, storing them as trophies of war in his ship. This transformer was indeed one of the most powerful but lacked the ambition of power. He was later killed by Optimus in a very lengthy duel in the movie.

Number 5 — The Fallen

He was the first Decepticon and appears to be the most powerful of them all as of the second movie. His major purpose was to eliminate all life on earth by destroying the sun and to do this he turned against his brothers, the other primes who were unable to beat him even with their combined strength. He threatened the entire planet upon his return and during his appearance in the pyramids he easily destroyed armies of military tanks and aircraft of humans. He is indeed one of the most powerful Transformers ever as a prime as none could defeat him but another prime and Optimus Prime was only able to do so after combining with Jet Fire and also for the fact that The Fallen was very old and was kind of weakened after years of inactivity.

Number 4 — Optimus Prime

He is the leader of the Autobots and one of the most powerful Transformers ever. Although he hides his power in most of his fights and only shows it in true fits of rage like when he battled Megatron, Starscream and Grinder all at once besting them all at once but only being killed after he was distracted. Optimus has defeated Infernicus, Megatron, Sentinel Prime, Grimlock, Lockdown, Driller, The Fallen and many others, so he deserves this spot. He was however unable to best three others who are next in list.

Number 3 — Dragonstorm

Dragonstorm is a beastly three-headed dragon. The mighty gestalt form of the legendary Twelth Knights of Econ who opposed Quintessa. It is logically unclear why the Knights could still transform into the same Dragon after Nemesis Prime murdered one or two of them but maybe the dragon could be a little bit smaller after such deductions and since the Knights were able to stop Nemesis Prime, even nearly executing him. It is understandably logical to conclude that all of them combine in one as Dragonstorm would make it clearly more powerful than Optimus Prime.

Number 2 — Quintessa

On the number 2 spot we have Quintessa who was the one who created Optimus Prime and possessed a staff with immense power capable of transforming worlds. When confronted by Optimus she easily subdued him and transformed him into Nemesis Prime (an evil version of Optimus). She was most likely the one who sent Lockdown to hunt down and capture him. She manipulates other Transformers into doing her dirty work subduing them into her will. Even Megatron feared her as he did her bidding, she is indeed one of the most powerful in this universe.

Number 1 — Unicron

Unicron is the ultimate transformer as he was dormant as a planet for billions of years. As planet Earth itself formed around him over billions of years. Following the events of Transformers Last Knight, Quintessa attempts at killing Unicron only to slowly awaken from his slumber and his horns rising from the planet’s core. No matter the universe, whether it is the live-action movies or cartoons, Unicron is always the biggest threat to all Transformers and hence the most powerful. Rivaling the God Primers which didn’t appear in Bay’s movies yet so Unicron holds this Number One spot.

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