Amazon Prime Invincible 2021 Season 1 Spoiler Review

Amazon Prime Invincible 2021 Season 1 Spoiler Review

Invincible is a brand new animated series on Amazon Prime released in 2021 which is based off a comic series of the same name. It has just finished its first season and it is something that you cannot miss if you like a dark bloody superhero action series. It focuses around a teenager named Mark who lives with his mum and dad, Mark’s dad is a Superhero named Omni-Man. And it’s only just now that mark begins gaining his own Superpowers and is trying to figure out how to use them and what the life of being a superhero is really like. Welcome to Awesome Definition and this is going to be Amazon Prime Invincible 2021 Season 1 Spoiler Review.

The first episode starts with a similar tone to any other Superhero movie, we got a kid whose dad is a superhero, kid discovers he now also has powers and dad begins to train him. There are other Superheroes who look like a true copy of Justice League and then there was that ending which grabs the attention and we then realize why it’s rated 18+. This scene comes out of nowhere and it’s not just the extreme violence and some bloody killings but just the fact that we spent a fair amount of the episode learning about these various heroes and their back stories and now they all are gone even before the first episode ends.

So the main plot of the series is the mystery of why Omni-Man who’s pretty much Superman suddenly flipped and brutally murdered all the other Superheroes? Was he being mind controlled, blackmailed or is there a more sinister reasoning behind this? As the series goes on it starts to slowly feed you clues on what might be going on but never too much that it makes it overly obvious. Not only that we also have other mysteries going on as well such as with this other superhero team where there’s this robot character who’s also up to some shady business?

Another thing that’s good in the series is the growth of Mark Grayson. It feels very natural, he starts the series with no powers and wished for it to become like his father. Then it slowly unfolds and he grows as a character and he makes mistakes which is again very much in line with the comic. He’s constantly evolving with his powers and feels responsible when people get killed even when he did right thing.

The characters for this show are very well written and there are quite a lot of characters in this series with various heroes, villains and humans yet they all manage to stand out in their own unique way. We like the Two Blue Brother/Clone villains who are constantly arguing over which is the original and which is the clone and then there’s this mad scientist guy who’s like a Social Justice warrior as he’s trying to destroy Mount Rushmore because the former presidents were racist and oppressors. This again helps in breaking away from the usual hero and villain traits.

We also tend to have some weaker aspects of the show like Rex as the character, who is just a massive knob and sometimes gets pretty annoying as well. The whole Mark and his girlfriend plot which gets a bit boring too, it’s the classic “he has to keep jetting away to save the day but he can’t tell her that he’s a superhero so she gets annoyed with him for always being late” which we have seen all before in many Superhero movies.

But we do think the pros of this series far outweigh the negatives, so now let’s talk about this series highlights and that is the violence because this series get violent and gory and we warn you this is not for the faint-hearted or too be watched with kids. The iconic scene which we mentioned earlier at the end of the first episode, well there’s a lot more like that in other episodes and this is all helped by the animation which overall is pretty damn good.

There are moments where it does have some wobbles and some characters go a bit off model or some flight shots look a bit cheap but they’re not really important scenes so it doesn’t really matter. Now when it comes to the action scenes it really pulls it off both in animated quality and the graphic detail as well.

So now we are going to get into some spoiler stuff, so if you haven’t seen the series yet You Have Been Warned.

Episode 8 aka the final episode is probably the best episode of entire series and it does not hold back at all. Mark getting beaten to an absolute pulp, imagine you’re fighting so you can watch everyone around you die. The Pilot that Omni-Man blasts the face off, Mark trying to save the woman from the falling building only to have her arm ripped off and of course the moment Omni-Man holds Mark in front of the subway train, they really went all out in this one. We really like the reveal where Omni-Man wasn’t sent to Earth as a protector but rather as a scout to prepare the planet for conquering, which is actually the main reason why Omni-Man killed the entire Guardians of Globe in first episode.

But despite all the brutal violence going on there was actually a pretty heartfelt moment where Omni-Man has that flashback to Mark as a kid and can’t actually bring himself to finish off Mark. The whole episode was just an emotional roller coaster and really does leave you with a feeling of dread inside towards the end.

One plot reveal is the robot’s twist of him being a human who wants to clone himself into a younger body so he can win the heart of monster girl. It wasn’t a bad twist but we expected something a bit more sinister was going on.

Also the series is based off a comic book and there are probably a lot of spoilers out there but we would rather wait and see what the TV series has to bring. As of now the series has already confirmed Season Two and Three which is awesome. The end of season one gave us some nice answers but also left itself open for future plot development and we just hope it manages to maintain its high quality.

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